Oblomovismul ca personaj în mileniul trei

Maria Pichin

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Keywords: literatura, oblomovism


Un halat pentru un secol. Oblomovismul în răspăr (A robe for a century. Oblomovism in the making) (Bucharest: Tracus Arts, 2021) by Iacob Florea is the book that amazes, incites, problematizes and it challenges us to think and rethink all that we are as a civilization of action. The essay is not so much a commentary on the novel, as a return to the way it was read and understood. Iacob Florea's book was possible because the time has come Oblomov feared. It is the age of the great jamming, of creative chaos, is the (Mass-) Middle Age in which we live the great Oblomovist fears.


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